Yoga Nidra for a well deserved sleep

A Christmas eve gift for those of you who are either too excited to sleep tonight or maybe dread this time of year. For whatever reason if you find it difficult to nod off then this 17 minute yoga nidra, recorded outside on a crisp December afternoon, invites you to take a well deserved rest. This practice is designed to lead you into a good night’s sleep so make yourself comfortable, take all measures to ensure you won’t be disturbed, close your eyes and allow the practice to wash over you.


Listen to the practice here!


Yoga Nidra Free Download: Giving and receiving love and kindness.

This 15 minute Nidra was recorded in Kerala, India, during my recent Total Yoga Nidra training with Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Nirlipta Tuli and Yoga United.

Listen to the Yoga Nidra recording here

I intend to re record this making it a bit longer but as  I am aware how long it takes intentions to manifest I thought I would offer it up as it is for now- a short practice to cultivate love and kindness towards yourself.

This practice is suitable for all but designed specifically with caregivers in mind, or anyone who feels depleted or that the give and take in their life is out of balance.

Before listening to the practice please make yourself very comfortable, make sure the environment you are in is a comfortable temperature and take every measure available to ensure you will not be disturbed.

Enjoy and do let me know how you find it!

With warmth,