Supported Forward Bound Angle Pose

Forward folding poses naturally draw our attention inwards, away from external distractions. They strengthen our ability to explore our inner landscape. When you add to this the seated element of this pose, you add a sense of grounding and safety that comes from physical closeness to the earth. From this position the support and warmth from the earth is more intimately felt and received. In a regular yoga class you might practice this posture and certainly enjoy these same benefits but what we get when we add the additional props to make this a restorative pose is that extra sense of comfort.

IMG_20180501_120808_884.jpgWhen we are comfortable then the body and mind can drop into relaxation and in this state the systems of the body can more effectively restore themselves. Without props this can be a physically demanding pose that requires a certain amount of flexibility but by bringing the earth up to meet you where you are (with the use of the bolster to support your body and the blankets to support your legs/hips) you can reduce the stimulation of the posture and find this sense of relaxation.


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