I know it can be an intimidating experience coming to your first yoga class (or indeed your first class with a new teacher!). Below are a few notes on what to expect.

1 Don’t worry there is nothing to be afraid of! Yoga teaches us to let go of judgement and of ego so there is no need to feel intimidated or competitive in class. Just because some people can put their body into fancy shapes doesn’t make them a better yogi! To be the ‘best’ at Yoga is to connect deeply with your own body, mind and breathe and work in a way that is
sensitive and sustainable to you.

2 I like to begin my classes as soon as a student enters the room so although coming to yoga may be a social experience for some I encourage students to leave conversation at the door. The moments at the beginning of class are for you to get settled on your mat and use in any way that feels appropriate- stretching, sitting, laying, meditating as you wish!

3 Ensure you are wearing comfortable clothes for your practice. Things that allow you to move freely without, buttons, zips or hard waistbands that might dig in to you. Socks are not worn in yoga. The feet are your foundations in many of the poses and for them to truly connect with the ground is really important to the integrity of the postures.

4 It is advisable not to eat heavily before class. Try to avoid having a meal less than 2 hours before practicing however do be sensitive to your body. If you know that you have a super fast metabolism or frequently feel faint or dizzy it is a good idea to have a light snack before class.

5 It is very important to let me know of any injuries or conditions. I will always ask this discreetly at the beginning of class however if you think I have forgotten do signal to me so I can find out your situation. It is not that I am nosy but there a certain yoga postures that can be dangerous if practiced with certain conditions and on the other hand there are alternative postures that may really benefit your condition. If I am informed it will ensure you a much more productive yoga experience better suited to you!