Yoga & Brunch

As the heavy summer heat starts to ease up and those gorgeous easy Dubai days are on the horizon, yoga starts to take itself outdoors- events are popping up all over the city!

Practicing yoga outdoors is a fantastic way to connect to the elements. You root your practice in the hustle and bustle of life itself as you are taken out of a studio or controlled environment and into the inherent spontaneity of mother nature.

I have been offering yoga at XVA Hotel and Gallery for the past 3 years and it really is one of my most favourite experiences from living, practicing and teaching in Dubai.

This year I am hosting 5 Yoga & Brunch mornings in this creative corner of the city.

Saturdays at 10am-

13th October

10th November

19th January

16th February

16th March

We will meet on the roof top of XVA which is situated in the historic Al Fahidi area and an hour of mindful yoga will start at 10. The class is open to all, from the experienced practitioner to the complete beginner. Each class will focus on creating a sense of ease in the body, mind and breath as well as having a unique theme, so you will enjoy a series of yoga perspectives if you are able to join all 5 sessions!

After yoga we will enjoy brunch in the picturesque courtyard cafe. The food at XVA is delicious and brunch will include lots of fresh fruit and Arabic breakfast items, a choice of eggs or an option of pancakes, fresh juice (try the mint lemon!) and tea or coffee (dairy free milk available).

Friends, and families are welcome to join for the brunch paying just the cost of the food. (mentioning extra guests in advance is helpful but not essential!)


After brunch there is so much to see and do in the area- the gallery and shop at XVA are always worth checking out, there is the gold and spice souks, an abra down the creek, you could wander around the galleries and museums in al fahidi or check out the new Al Seef development!

This year we are offering a great deal too- the early bird rate is just 100AED (+VAT) if you book and pay before the day through the hotel . If you prefer to pay on the day then it is 120AED (+VAT) in cash.

Yoga mats can be borrowed but please do let me know in advance if you wish to borrow one.

Please share with all your friends and loved ones and do feel free to get in touch if you would like to know anything more.


The divine in me, bows to the divine in you.

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