side angle yogaLately I have been thinking about what it means to be a flexible person and how yoga can help us achieve this.
Yoga asana can help us move our body outside of our regular movement patterns (ie slouching, sitting, leaning into one hip) it can gradually increase our range of motion and our level of comfort and ease in the body. It can lessen feelings of tension, lethargy and stiffness in the body, promote better breathing and general health and well being. That is great for sure!
But the benefits of flexibility are also very apparent when we use our yoga practice to exercise our mind.
We practice focus to refine our postures, we step away from external distractions as we move mindfuly through a vinyasa flow, we employ humility and care as we recognise our limitations in poses. All of these skilled actions and many more help to refine a fluid and flexible mind that is self aware. A mind that is not totally rigid or stubbornly set in stone based on past experience but is willing to change and respond moment to moment as life unfolds around it. Significantly a flexible mind is one that is willing and able to shift perspective.
So sit with yourself daily, observe and challenge your body and mind on and off the mat.

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