It is the second International Yoga Day!

I am reflecting on the essence of yoga, and how I can truly live my practice.

How a physical practice creates ripples that ebb their way into all aspects of life. How practice cannot be contained by a mat or a pair of leggings, or even a physical body.

Yoga is amazing, it feels good, it feels good to touch your toes, to breathe deeply, when your body is strong and fit and your mind is steady, stretching can feel profound but there are times when you can’t move so well, when energy levels change, when moods turn. How can your practice remain consistent through those times. Pause, step away from your narrative and find a sense of presence, observing whatever arises, a sense of awareness of the physical body, sensations, small movements. Above all practiceΒ kindness and compassion- Ahimsa. Thank yourself for your efforts, respect yourself when you face challenges, be kind to yourself always.

Remove expectations of what a yoga practice ‘should’ be or ‘should’ look like, remove guilt and judgement. Awareness, kindness and compassion, acceptance are the essential ingredients to a yoga practice.




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