Happy Valentines Day

Happy valentines day! I am not anti valentines day but I am anti auto pilot. Anti action without consideration.

Why not have a day dedicated to honouring relationships? ALL RELATIONSHIPS. But shall we really think about it. Shall we not just buy into roses and chocolates (both of which bring me joy) without understanding that all relationships are valuable, full of opportunity to exchange and increase love, opportunity to offer support and compassion.

My first teacher once told the class to value each interaction you have and to consider every interaction a relationship. How much richer would life be if we did that. Every interaction is a relationship. It was the first nugget of yoga gold I experienced outside of Asana practice and I think about it a lot even 12 years on. We can’t expect one person to save us, to complete us, to solve all of our problems but if we can nurture our relationship with our self, if we can nurture every single interaction then if there is one significant other how much pressure does that take off from THAT relationship-Β making you lighter and more free to love and enjoy and support each other.

So let’s honour all relationships through symbolsΒ today but let us honour them through practice and commitment to each and every interaction each day of the year.

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